Providing great skin care to our elderly family members

Providing great skin care to our elderly family members

For some part of 18 years, especially in the most recent few, I provided my mother with a lot of her skin care routine before she recently passed away.  Having suffered a stroke, and having right sided paralysis, over time, she had increasing trouble doing self care and needed more and more assistance.  She was always particular about the soaps and lotions she used in the past, and always wanted to bathe daily and loved to smell sweet and fresh! 

Sometimes, in nursing facilities or for certain bed bound patients this request becomes limited and done differently from how the person is used to having it done.  Increasingly dry skin can build up which can lead to dead skin build up and flaking, especially on the lower legs and in the folds of skin. You always want to be careful and monitor for skin breakage and open areas where infection can enter the body.  For my mom, I personally kept up with daily baths used lots of lotions and products with almond and olive oils and at times had to use the "heavy duty products" with an ointment consistency, to create a layer for the areas that were really dry.  

When I started to make my own soap I realized that she could benefit from the Castile recipe, and started to use the Nada Bar on her as well.  Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after we started using, so we did not get to see the full benefits.  However again-just finding a good cleansing routine with any soap, lotion well right after to prevent drying of the skin and even add a barrier cream or ointment to areas that need extra attention.  Keep socks on to hold the moisturizing agents next to the skin and repeat midway through the day as needed.  Massage as tolerated to promote good circulation get proper foot care as needed with a podiatrist or PCP.  Especially if there is a history of diabetes. 

Caring for our elderly family members is an honor and a privilege.  I was blessed to have that time with my mom and skin care was very important to us.  I share this with you to enjoy the  moment with your elderly family members while they are still here, but also to improve the skin care regimen you have.  I hope this provides help in any way!  God Bless!

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