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Our Story By: Luz Añuri

Welcome Familia!! I am the owner of Añuri Gifts, LLC and I make all the wonderful, homemade, products in my business. I am a mother, wife and a nurse who wanted to provide my family with safe, natural products. After using store purchased soaps and lotions, my children continued to suffer from skin issues. Prescription products still did not help, so I took matters into my own hands. I decided to jump right in and start making my own products. After testing and enjoying them with my family, I decided to share them with friends and then in 2020 opened up the website to begin sales. I love being creative and making things pretty. I believe my unique style and flair helps make Anuri Gifts, LLC stand out among other similar companies. Plus working as a nurse practitioner, I have taken my knowledge and applied this to make products that may help improve dermatological problems, dry skin, discoloration, dry scalp, improve hair growth problems, decrease stress and so much more. I use therapeutic grade essential oils and some of the best in oils, butters and very little, but "clean" fragrances, micas as possible. I always seek the best in all of my raw ingredients, even traveling to other countries, like Dubai for my turmeric which I use in many of my products.

As an Afro-latina who's family migrated from Panama, I love expressing my culture in different ways within my business. I always love to uplift and inspire our youth, couples, and women with positive and inspiring messages through our clothing line. Maybe you are just looking for a beautiful candle that just smells really good, or a cleansing candle to provide spiritual cleansing or some aromatherapy! Give my products a try, you will not be disappointed!

So, Let's Go Familia and Dream Big!!-Luz Anuri