Face Masks: A New Era on Facial Cleansing Needs

Face Masks: A New Era on Facial Cleansing Needs

Welcome soap users to my blog page!  I will use this page to share my thoughts, any information regarding current events that can support healthy and positive living for my soap consumer family.  

2020 has brought us the deadly Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19).   Now, we add the use of different face coverings to our daily activities and routines.  Being a nurse practitioner, it can be part of my uniform, but usually not for a long period of time.  That has changed for healthcare workers today.  The need to wear N-95 masks for an entire 12 hour shift (or sometimes longer) is necessary!  This is not a debate about wearing face coverings.  This IS about the need to take care your skin now more than ever if you are wearing face coverings-especially face masks, for long periods of times.  

I recommend my facial soap, of course, and using a facial moisturizer right before you use your facial coverings as part of your daily routine.  If you have to use these coverings for long periods, then do a quick wash during a break and re-moisturize.  Be careful with touching your face for obvious reasons related to Covid-19 but also for keeping dirty hands from your face as well.  Drink lots of water throughout the day, take a daily multi-vitamin, sleep on clean pillow cases-also sleeping on your side or back is best for reducing facial breakouts as well.  Remove all make-up completely with cleansing cloths prior to washing your face at night. These are things that have helped me, so I am happy to share them with you!

Why my Facial Bar? (The following info is based on my educational research ;) ) My facial soap will help deep clean pores and remove dead skin cells with the activated charcoal ingredient, as well as remove the dirt build-up during a long day of sweating and oily skin.  The turmeric ingredient helps fade skin blemishes, it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it calms your skin.  The vitamins in the avocado oil helps to protect your skin, moisturize and the coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.  So if you don't use my facial bar, it's still ok. The bottom line is finding a good cleanser is key and then following up with a great moisturizer is necessary to protect the skin throughout the day.  

Face coverings and face masks will protect each another from spreading Covid-19 as well as other viruses and bacteria. This may be our new normal for what we now need as a part of our everyday lives.  So tomorrow, after your facial cleansing routine is complete, you will pick out your outfit, matching shoes, and your matching face mask!  Stay safe and stay healthy!


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I am absolutely in LOVE with these soaps!! My skin is softer and have experienced less rashes. The facial soaps are a new fave!! Thank you so much for you products!!


I am a returning customer and have tried all of the soaps. They leave my skin smooth and smelling good.


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