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Cleansing Candle: White Sage, Roses, Chamomile & Berries

Cleansing Candle: White Sage, Roses, Chamomile & Berries

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12 oz, Dried rose petals, white sage, chamomile and berry fragrances.  Dried white sage leaves for cleansing your home of negative energy, spiritual impurities and even cleansing the air in your home of airborne bacteria.  The compliment of the dried roses and chamomile for additional relaxation properties and just help make a beautiful touch! Red candle dye and eco-friendly glitter included. 

Cleansing your home: Recommend setting your intentions to clear negative energy and spirits from your home and your mind.  Always speak words out loud when cleansing:  "PEACE", "POSITIVITY",  or "CLEANSE".  I always end by Thanking God for protecting and watching over me, my home and family.  Enjoy!!

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