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Facial Bar

Facial Bar

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My facial soap has a NEW IMPROVED RECIPE. A better balance of ingredients! With ingredients: Turmeric, Activated Charcoal, great oils like coconut, avocado and coco butter, and coconut fragrance and your necessary distilled water and lye.  Overtime you will see great results, some report feeling and seeing an immediate difference!  Knowing what turmeric and activated charcoal can do and place it together with these great oils, you have a great facial soap.  A little extra coconut fragrance to bring it up a notch!!

The Men's option is just as amazing!  Charcoal nights has  an amazing scent with the addition of the rosemary Sage fragrance.  The Tea Tree essential oil helps to clean out bacteria from facial hair and deep within the pores.  Activated charcoal and the coconut, avocado and olive oils are all nourishing the skin and any facial hair as well.  

Variations in color patterns. Note:  Turmeric can cause some initial burning sensation to the skin-especially if you truly have sensitive skin.  For those people I would use less often-3 times a week as a suggestion.  

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